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Regulatory Update: Thailand Releases Recommendations for the Use of Ingredients in Caffeinated Beverages

Thailand’s FDA announced a new document outlining the recommended use of ingredients in caffeinated beverages in October 2022.

Caffeinated beverages can be use ingredients according to Annex 1 and Annex 2 without a safety assessment or permission because these ingredients have been evaluated by FDA.

Annex 1

Caffeinated beverages for both liquid (all pack sizes) and gel type (pack size > 100 ml) can contain the following ingredients:

No.IngredientAllowable quantity / unit of packing
1.Caffeine*Not more than 50 mg
2.Vitamin B10.5 – 20 mg
3.Vitamin B21.3 – 7.5 mg
4.Vitamin B61 – 7.5 mg
5.Vitamin B122.5 – 20 μg
6.Nicotinamide10-38 mg
7.Inositol25-75 mg
8.Glucuronolactone0.2-0.9 g
9.Taurine0.13-1.5 g
Remark: *
         I.           Sources of caffeine include synthetic caffeine (Caffeine Anhydrous) or green tea extracts by providing caffeine ≥30%
        II.           Caffeine content in the product must be calculated from all components that provide caffeine.
     III.           Caffeine content is based on FDA requirements.

Annex 2

Ingredients from Annex 2 shall only be used in liquid caffeinated beverages.

A. Vitamins, minerals and other substances besides the extract

No.IngredientAllowable quantity / unit of packing
1.Vitamin ANot more than 800 μg
2.FolateNot more than 50 μg
3.BiotinNot more than 39.5 μg
4.Pantothenic AcidNot more than 46.7 mg
5.Vitamin CNot more than 68.5 mg
6.Vitamin ENot more than 5.984 mg
7.MagnesiumNot more than 70 mg
8.ZincNot more than 7.5 mg
9.SeleniumNot more than 14 μg
10.CollagenNot more than 150 mg
11.L-LysineNot more than 50 mg
12.L-ArginineNot more than 45 mg
13.L-CarnitineNot more than 420 mg
14.L- GlutathioneNot more than 67 mg
15.CholineNot more than 50 mg
16.D-RiboseNot more than 250 mg
17.  Fruit juice (for flavoring only)Not more than 1%
18.Guarana FlavourCaffeine content in guarana flavour when calculated with caffeine in Annex 1, must not exceed 50 mg

B. Extract

No.Scientific nameExtractPart of useSolventActive ingredientAllowable quantity / unit of packing
1Lycium barbarum Lycium chinenseWolfberry extract/ Goji berry extractFruitWaterPolysaccharides913.5 mg
2Cynara scolymus LArtichoke extractLeavesWaterAcids as Chlorogenic acid/Cynarine/Flavonoids as Luteolin-7-glycoside18.9 mg
3Panax ginseng C.A. Mey.Ginseng extract/Korean ginsengRootWater-Ethanol /WaterGinsenosides461 mg
(Calculated as fresh weight)
4Ganoderma lucidum (FR.) Karst.Reishi mushroom extractCapWaterPolysaccharide50 mg (Calculated as fresh weight)
5Kaempferia parviflora wall.Ex BakerKrachai Dam extract/ Black galingale extractRhizomeWaterPhenolic compounds100 mg (Calculated as fresh weight)
6Aloe arborescens Mill. Aloe barbadensis Mill. Aloe ferox Mill. Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f.Aloe Vera extractgel from leavesWaterPolysaccharides (Contains less than 1 ppm of Aloin)10 mg
(Aloin less than 15 mg/day)
7Pinus Pinaster AitonFrench maritime pine bark extractPeelEthanolProcyanidins10 mg


Food and Drug Administration. (2022). FDA Announcement: Recommendations for the use of ingredients in caffeinated beverages