Unlocking Market Potential
Through Streamlined Distribution

Unlocking Market Potential Through Streamlined Distribution

Our aim is to provide the finest and most advanced ingredients for the diverse requirements of local food manufacturers. We partner with renowned specialised ingredient producers from around the world, connecting them to the local markets in the region and utilising their innovative products to offer cost effective solutions to local food businesses that will capture the market and unlock its full potential.

Dedicated Teams for
Every Food Business Niche

Dedicated Teams For Every Food Business Niche

Our Sales Departments:

Customised Solutions for
Unique Business Needs

Customised Solutions For Unique Business Needs

Customised Formulations:

Upgrade food products with the highest quality ingredients and create a product that stands out from the rest with customised formulations. Our experienced food technologist and application specialist will work with businesses to understand their needs and develop custom formulations using the latest innovative ingredients that meet specific requirements for texture, flavour, shelf life, and nutritional profile.

Customised Packaging:

Our customised packaging solutions go beyond just creating a visually appealing package. We understand that different products require different packaging based on their unique requirements, manufacturing processes, and distribution channels. That's why we offer repackaging services that help optimise operations and reduce waste.

Keeping Food Businesses Abreast with Local Food Regulations

Unlock seamless expansion into Southeast Asia with our comprehensive regulatory support services, tailored for food businesses. Navigate local laws with ease, ensuring compliance and success in this dynamic region. Here are some value-added regulatory advisory services we offer our business partners:-

  • Expert guidance and updates on local regulations.
  • Compliance management for food safety standards and labelling requirements.
  • Credibility building with customers and stakeholders.
  • Cost savings by avoiding non-compliance mistakes.
  • Comprehensive support, including assessments, training, and monitoring.
  • Delivering Trust via Expert
    Logistics Solutions

    Delivering Trust via Expert Logistics Solutions

    Achieve exceptional efficiency and reliability in shipping, warehousing, and distribution with our food distribution services – the key to unlocking success for any food business.

  • Bespoke warehouse management systems providing secure storage solutions.
  • Expert shipping team delivering ingredients in pristine condition.
  • Offering top-notch food safety and integrity.
  • Optimised shipping routes to reduce transit times and costs.
  • Reaching Targeted Customers
    Through Innovative Marketing

    Reaching Targeted Customers Through Innovative Marketing

    Discover unparalleled success in new markets with our expert marketing strategies tailored for global food ingredient producers. Our marketing effort involves some of the following:-

  • Participation in international trade shows to gain further exposure.
  • Hosting of our own Innovation Day where we delve into specialised ingredients and their applications with our in-house food technologists.
  • Strategising product and marketing concepts that appeal to local target markets
  • Strategise and plan the road-to-market for clients’ products.
  • Our Partners

    ...and more


    ...and more

    DPO International has played an exceptional role in BENEO’s expansion into Asia Pacific.
    Our relationship has since burgeoned into
    a strong partnership with full trust in each other.
    Dominique Speleers
    Board Member
    Since 2018, our partnership with DPO has helped us
    develop an effective local sales and distribution system, and regulatory support for our customers.
    Remi Reguero
    Business Development & Technical Director
    DPO International has been a partner of Hexagon Nutrition for over 18 years.
    If I have to describe them in a single word,
    it would be "TRUSTWORTHY“.
    Vikram Kelkar
    Managing Director
    We are very happy to have DPO International as our partner.
    They are well connected, have market intelligence and
    are experts in their fields.
    Christian Schink
    Global Food Division Manager

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