DPO International is a leading specialised food distribution company in the region. We pride ourselves as experts in handling a comprehensive range of specialised services for the food industry in Southeast Asia and China. Headquartered in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, we operate over 25 offices and warehouses in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. With over 20 years of experience in food business, we believe in our ability to “Connect Local Markets to Global Food Innovations“.

DPO International offers a comprehensive range of specialised services to fulfill our customer’s needs, which include shipping, storing, customising, marketing, selling and distributing, apart from formulating, blending and managing regulatory affairs. As a proud contributor to the development of food cultures around Southeast Asia and China, we take note of the fact that the global demand is one the rise with people becoming ever more conscious these days. DPO International tries to ensure quality products that combine optimum nutrition and great taste, keeping in mind being guided by our mission, vision and corporate culture.

DPO International’s services and products are brought to the market via four active divisions – Industry, Retail, Foodservice and eCommerce. We have all the answers to your food-related questions.

DPO International
was established by our founder,
Daniel Pans in 1993 in Japan. The acronym ‘DP’ in ‘DPO’ refers back to his name.
While ‘O’ refers to the first office called Daniel Pans Office. The company specializes as it is now, in international food trade services, thus the second part of the company name ‘International.