Regulatory Update: Philippines’ FDA Publishes New Microbiological Standards For Prepackaged Processed Foods

Philippines: On 21 December 2022, the Food and Drug Administration published new guidelines on the microbiological requirements and assessment of certain prepackaged processed food products repealing FDA Circular No. 2013-010.

This new FDA Circular No.2022-012 serves as guidelines for the assessment of microbiological quality of certain prepackaged processed foods in Philippines.

  1. Milk and Dairy Products:
    • Heat Treated Fermented Milks (Sterilized, UHT)
    • Soft Cheese (from pasteurized milk)
    • Hard and Semi-Hard Cheese
    • Cream Cheese Products
  2. Fats, Oils and Fat Emulsions: Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. Edible Ices, Including Sherbet and Sorbet: Ice Products (pre-packaged tubed and cubed ice)
  4. Confectioneries:
    • Ethnic Milk-based Confectioneries (Pastillas and Yema)
    • Ethnic Flour-based Confectioneries (Polvoron, Piaya and Barquillos)
    • Coconut Sap Sugar
    • Dry, Granulated Sugar
    • Liquid Sugar (sugar syrup)
    • Non-nutritive Sweeteners (e.g., aspartame, sucralose) and bulk sweeteners (e.g., polyols)
  5. Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds:
    • Dried Fruits (e.g., dried mangoes, dates, figs, apricots, raisins etc.)
    • Ethnic Food Products – Sweet Preserves in Syrup (e.g., Kaong, Langka, Banana, legumes, chickpeas, red beans, white kidney beans, Coconut, Nata de Coco, Mixed Preserves – Halo-Halo)
    • Purple Yam (Ube) Jam (Halaya)
    • Malunggay (Moringa) Powder
  6. Cereals and Cereal Products:
    • Dry Mixes (e.g., Pancake mix, Purple yam mix)
    • Coconut Flour
    • Instant Noodles (noodle cake)
    • Instant Noodles (mixed with seasonings)
    • Rice Based Desserts (rice cakes), ready to eat (e.g., kakanin, suman, layered, moulded, rice balls, mochi)
  7. Meat and Meat Products:
    • Marinated Meat Products (e.g., Marinated meat and meat preparations – tapa, sisig, etc., marinated poultry, Dim sum made from meat – siomai)
    • Minced meat and meat preparations made from poultry meat intended to be eaten cooked
    • Minced meat and meat preparations made from species other than poultry intended to be eaten cooked
    • Foods Cooked Immediately Prior to Sale or Consumption (e.g., Takeaway food, burgers, kebabs, sausages, pizza, ready meals – cook/chill and cook/freeze after regeneration)
  8. Fish and Other Seafood Products:
    • Cooked Crustaceans
    • Ethnic Food Products – Dried, Salted Fish
    • Smoked Fish
    • Salt Fermented Fish and Shrimps (bagoong)
    • Thermally Processed Fish Products
    • Aquatic Products: cooked (heat-treated) aquatic product, intended for human consumption aquatic plant products (algae)
    • Fish and Crustacean Based Processed Meat (e.g., fish ball, squid ball)
  9. Spices, Soups, Sauces, Salads and Protein Products:
    • Food Grade Gelatin
    • Emulsified sauce pH ≤4.6 (e.g., Mayonnaise, Thousand Island, Ranch, French)
    • Instant Noodles Seasoning
    • Ready to eat Flavourings or Instant Condiments (e.g., soy sauce and sauce products, composite seasonings)
    • Aquatic Dressing
    • Salads and Sandwich Spreads (excluding cocoa milk-based sandwich spreads)
  10. Beverages:
    • Juices in Hermetically Sealed Containers (Tetra Pack etc.)
    • Fruit Beverage Products
    • Bottled Water (Purified/Distilled Water)
    • Bottled Water (Mineral Water)
    • Chilled Young Coconut Water (Buko juice)
  11. Food For Infants and Young Children:
    • Formula for Medical Purposes and Human Milk Fortifiers
    • Formula for Special Medical Purposes for Young Children
    • Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) and Ready-to-Use-Supplementary Foods (RUSF), 6-59 months of age.


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