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Taiwan Companies Looking to Penetrate Malaysian Halal Market

KUALA LUMPUR: A Taiwan food & beverage company, King Car Group, intends to penetrate the Malaysian halal market, encouraged by the vast potential offered by the local halal market.

Its Export Department expert, Fiona Lin said the company which produced a range of canned coffee drinks under the brand name, Mr Brown, had held discussions with a number of distributors on marketing the products in Malaysia soonest possible.

“We’ve actually come to recruit distributors. So far, five distributors have shown interest. We will keep in touch with them and hope that our strong partners can help us enter the Malaysian market.

“We have already penetrated the United States, Czech Republic and some other European markets. As for Southeast Asia, we have entered the Brunei halal market and we hope to use the experience to expand our product reach here,” she said when met at the Taiwan Halal Expo.

This expo, showcasing agricultural products, food & beverage, and health and beauty products, is held in conjunction with the three-day Taiwan Expo 2018 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, which ends today.

Fiona said besides using quality ingredients, the Mr Brown canned coffee also went through a high-speed production process in Taiwan, churning out 1,500 cans of coffee per minute.

Meanwhile, Biosol Tech Corp Limited president, Adam Lin said the company wished to collaborate with Malaysian companies to market its beauty products through the OEM and ODM manufacturing contracts.

He said through the Taiwan Halal Expo, the company’s range of beauty products under the Aqpar brand name had received offers from a number of local companies to market the products.

“One of our products with good potential is the seaweed extract face mask as it is made with veggie-based ingredients.

“Malaysia has a big market potential in the halal industry since the Muslim population is huge. We also plan to obtain halal certification for our products from the Malaysian authorities,” he added.

Source: Bernama