Vegan JUST Egg Launches In South East Asia
Oct 18, 2018

The product will be served at the Grand Hyatt Singapore hotel

Vegan JUST Egg created by food tech startup JUST will launch in South East Asia on November 1 – World Vegan Day.

The product, which is made from mung beans, was created to ‘to scramble and taste just like eggs’ – but with a lower environment footprint.

JUST Egg will be available from the Grand Hyatt Singapore, making it the first establishment in South East Asia to serve the product, in what it describes as an effort to ‘advance its focus on sustainable dining’.

The mung-bean-based “egg” is lauded by the Grand Hyatt Singapore as a healthier alternative to hen-laid eggs, free from cholesterol and antibiotics. The egg also scrambles and tastes “just like eggs, allowing chefs the freedom to create anything from French toast to omelettes just as they have with conventional eggs.”

Beyond health and taste, the hotel is also impressed with the product’s minimal environmental impact, as it requires significantly less water and emits fewer carbon emissions than conventional chicken eggs. The JUST Egg was sourced as part of the hotel’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Vegan events

The launch will be supported by a number of events at the hotel, including a food truck experience along the hotel’s driveway,  which will run from November 1-3 and offer a special JUST Egg sandwich.

A panel discussion on The Future of Food will take place at The Gallery on November 1, featuring top speakers and a range of plant-based dishes created by Grand Hyatt Singapore’s chefs.

A plant-based BBQ dinner at Oasis will be hosted on the eve of World Vegan Day, offering vegan sushi and Futomaki featuring JUST Egg, dishes from the Chinese and Indian kitchen, and Middle Eastern favorites.

The sandwich made with JUST Egg will served at the Grand Hyatt Singapore (Photo: Supplied)

Josh Tetrick, the co-founder and CEO of JUST, says he’s excited to launch the JUST Egg at this forward-thinking location. He says: “Singapore is one of the most innovative and transformative places on the planet and is known worldwide as Asia’s greenest city. We’re proud to bring JUST Egg to its citizens and visitors with Grand Hyatt as our first partner and with gratitude to everyone who helped us achieve this milestone.”

Priding itself on “serving the future of food,” Grand Hyatt Singapore is also the first South East Asia location to launch Beyond Meat’s “bleeding” Beyond Burger. The vegan burgers, introduced over the summer, were outselling beef 3:1 within the first thirty days of being on the menu.


Source: Plant Based News & LiveKindly