Tom Yum Soup with Chia Noodle
Sep 20, 2023

A contemporary twist on the classic Thai Tom Yum soup noodle features the gluten-free chia noodles enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, alongside a flavourful broth.

Key Benefits

  • Gluten-free in chia noodle
  • Cost reduction (Meat/Pork replacement with BeneoPro W-Tex)

Soup Recipe

Ingredients %
Water 81.00
BeneoPro W-tex WF65-7001 – Beneo 5.00
Maltodextrin 4.00
Chilli paste 2.50
Spices powder (Lime, onion, garlic, chilli, fish sauce, white pepper) 1.62
Cabbage flake – China 1.50
Salt 1.30
Sugar 1.00
Shiitake mushroom – China 0.85
Orafti® GR – Beneo 0.50
Vegetable protein extract FP type CF 11 – Halcyon 0.22
Yeast extract FP type 412 – Halcyon 0.22
Tom Yum flavor 0.22
Fermented soy sauce FP type 1266 – Halcyon 0.08
Total 100.00


Tom Yum Soup with Chia Noodle Recipe

Ingredients %
Tom Yum Soup 85
Chia Noodle* 15
Total 100.00

Remark : * Chia noodle use Benexia XP 435W  LM from Benexia dosage 8%.

                    Chia noodle 100 g. contain 366 mg. of Omega-3

Preparation Procedure
  1. Cook the chia noodle in boiled water 13 min and drain.
  2. Hydrate BeneoPro W-Tex WF 65-7001 with water (ratio W-tex : water is 1 : 2) while mixing 10 min with the Thermomix at low-speed backward mode.
  3. Weight and mix dry ingredients, combined all together.
  4. Add the dry mixture into water and stir.
  5. Boil the solution in the pan, add W-tex, mushroom and cabbage for 10 min. before serve with noodle.



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