Caramel Peanut Pandan Petit Gâteau
Sep 17, 2023

An edible masterpiece inspired by the beloved flavour of Malaysia – pandan featuring peanut dacquoise and pandan tiramisu, enveloped in a rich caramel embrace, and finished with a chocolate gourmet coating.


Peanut Dacquoise

Ingredients Quantity (Gr)
Egg White 320
Sugar 128
Peanut Powder 196
Icing Sugar 76
Cake Flour 70
Salt 2
Corn Flour 8.5
Total 800.5

Yield: 60cm x 40cm


Pandan Tiramisu (for building the cake)

Ingredients Quantity (Gr)
Debic Whipping Cream 2000
Mascarpone 280
Icing Sugar 180
Pandan Extract 185
Gelatin Mass 78
Total 2723


Caramel Spread

Ingredients Quantity (Gr)
Sugar 126
Glucose 128
Whipping Cream 338
Glucose 66
Sea Salt Flake 4
Peanut Paste 100% 112
Unsalted Butter 92
Total 866


Chocolate Gourmet (for dipping)

Ingredients Quantity (Gr)
White Chocolate Couverture 300
Liposoluble Green Powder +/-
Cocoa Butter 15
Grape Seed Oil 30


Green Cocoa Butter (for spray)

Ingredients Quantity (Gr)
White Chocolate Couverture 30
Liposoluble Green Powder +/-
Cocoa Butter 300


Preparation Procedure

Peanut Dacquoise

  1. Whisk the egg white and sugar become meringue, follow by sifted dry ingredients.
  2. Bake 160°C Fan4 Vent IN. About 12 mins.


Pandan Tiramisu

  1. Whisk the Debic whipping cream, mascarpone, icing sugar with Pandan Extract into soft Peak, fold in melted gelatin.


Caramel Spread

  1. Warm cream and glucose 66g together. Make a caramel with sugar and glucose, deglaze with warm cream and glucose.
  2. Blend in peanut paste and butter when it cools down to 37°C. Keep in chiller for piping.


Chocolate Gourmet 

  1. Melted all and blend well, Use at 40°C


Green Cocoa Butter

  1. Melted all and blend well, Use at 40- 45°C


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