What is the recommended dosage of Green Coffee Extract for weight loss?


Shown below, are green coffee extract dosage levels for weight loss:-

Green Coffee Extract Specification No. of participants randomized Dosage of Green Coffee Extract Dosage of Chlorogenic Acid Experiment Duration Outcome References
Green coffee extract 50 600 mg daily (divided into 3 doses of 200 mg each before meals) 270 mg of Chlorogenic Acids in a total of 3 doses 40 days A weight loss around 1.5 kg was noted. Blum et al., 2007
CGA enriched green coffee 30 200 mg daily 90 mg of Chlorogenic Acids 12 weeks Average losses in mass in the chlorogenic acid enriched and normal instant coffee groups were 5.4kg and 1.7kg respectively. Thom, 2007
Green coffee extract 50 400 mg daily (divided into 2 doses of 200 mg before each main meal) 180 mg of Chlorogenic Acids in a total of 2 doses 12 weeks Average of weight loss was4.97kg and 2.45kg in treated and controlled groups respectively. Dellalibera, 2006

Remark: The Green Coffee Extract used in these studies contains >45% of Chlorogenic Acids.



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