What is Rustic Flour?


The word rustic relates to the countryside or a rural setting but it could also mean plain and simple. Rustic flour is a marketing term made to reflect the way a food product is produced, by means of a simple method or in a country side. For example, rustic bread could also be known as farm bread, country bread, pain de campagne or hearty country loaf (King Arthur Flour, 2015).

Please find the market examples of rustic flour below:-

Bacheldre Watermill, Strong Rustic Bread Flour

This wheat flour is mixed with seeds, oats and wholegrains including, malted rye flakes, sunflower seeds, millet seeds and toasted wheat flakes to make the ideal seeded loaf. This seeded loaf makes for the perfect seeded loaf and has just the right balance of oats, seeds and wholegrains.

Bacheldre Rustic Crunch Bread Mix

A blend of stoneground flour with oats, millet seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, malted rye flakes, toasted wheat flakes and malted barley flakes.



King Arthur Flour. (2015). In search of the Perfect Rustic Loaf.

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