What is Green Coffee Bean and does it help in weight management?


Green coffee beans (GCB) are unroasted beans or raw seeds from the Coffee fruit. Chlorogenic acids contained within GCB enhance the taste and caffeine solubility. Chlorogenic acid has been demonstrated to reduce the absorption of fat from food intake and improves glucose metabolism. It accelerates glucose and fat metabolism, and may be an effective mean for weight management (Swaroop et al., 2014).

Studies show that chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans helps in weight management. It also indicates that green coffee bean extract significantly reduces visceral fat-pad accumulation (Graves, 2013; Song et al., 2014).

Green coffee extract (GCE) has been reported to influence postprandrial glucose concentration and blood lipid concentration. This is thought to be via a reduction in the absorption of glucose in the intestine; a mechanism achieved by promoting dispersal of the Na+ electrochemical gradient. This dispersal leads to an influx of glucose into the enterocytes (Onakpoya et al., 2011).

GCE is also thought to inhibit the enzymatic activity of hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase, which is involved in the homeostasis of glucose. Reports from animal studies have suggested that GCE mediates its antiobesity effect possibly by suppressing the accumulation of hepatic triglycerides (Onakpoya et al., 2011).



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