What are the types of food technology that enable Omega-3 to be used in biscuit baking application?


1. Use of jet impingement oven

According to Karwe (2004), the higher moisture retention in baked products can enhance the quality of processed food. Lower thermal conductivity and moisture diffusivity of crust leads to higher moisture retention in the product. This might be due to the antioxidant action of water retained, causing more omega 3 retention. Greater levels of EPA and DHA retained.

Besides, there is another study conducted on the baked fish product concludes that the retention of omega 3 fatty acids was higher when hot air jet impingement was used (Karwe, 2004.)

2. Used of encapsulated omega 3 fatty acid

Encapsulated fish oil allows the fish oil to be retained. This can also help to hide the fishy flavor and protect the oxidation of oil. A study conducted found the sugar cookies with added fish oil retained 70-90% EPA and DHA (Lukito & Arges, n. d.)



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