What are the benefits of Green Tea if incorporated into a sports drink?


According to Business Wire (2014), the global tea marketplace remains highly fragmented and therefore provides ample room for large tea companies to expand across international markets in 2014. This is especially so for China, which is forecast to account for half of global tea growth through 2017.
The benefits of Green Tea includes:-

  • Antioxidants Green consists of excellent source of antioxidants such as Polyphenols. These Polyphenols act as free radicals scavengers that can neutralize free radicals and may reduce the damaging of cells in body. These antioxidants also help in slow down aging and increase immune system. (Steven, 2011).
  • Immune-boosting and Stress-reducing properties Green tea is rich in theanine which helps in boosting our immune system. Besides, this theanine in green teas may help in managing stress and has been related to relaxing effects (Cooper et al., 2005).
  • Weight Management Studies show that green tea contains caffeine that causes reduction in body weight, body mass index and waistline. It helps to boost the metabolism rate in our body causing more fat burning to produce energy (Phung et al., 2009).
  • Less Caffeine than coffee The finding in study indicates that teas contain less caffeine per serving than coffee (Jenna et al., 2008).



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