What is the longest shelf-life of industrial cakes (e.g. individually pack cupcakes) and muffins (single/twin per pack) that available in the market under normal storage condition? What is the longest shelf-life that can be achieved and what are the technologies used to extend the shelf-life for industrial cakes and muffins?


Market Examples: Product Names with their Shelf Life Duration

Mighty White Muffins (1 month) Massimo Cup Cake (3 Months)
Kovis Sponge mini-cakes/Muffins (6 Months) Skazochniy Sponge Mini Muffin (6 Months)
Euro Cake Red Velvet Cupcakes (9 Months) Euro Cake Muffin (9 Months)

Shelf life extension of cupcakes and muffins may be achieved using ingredients, process changes or a combination of many alternative changes (Doulia et al., 2006).

Packaging material and techniques also play an important role in promoting longer shelf life for cupcakes and muffins. Fully automatic muffin/ cupcake bakery production lines could reduce the possibility of cross contamination as well as prolong shelf life.

Cake –type muffins have a longer shelf-life than bread-type muffins because of their high sugar content and lower water activity. Added ingredients such as dried fruits, which are high in sodium or sugar content, reduces water activity and may increase shelf life (Hui, 2007).



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