Please advise on Malaysian & Singaporean food regulations regarding recombined butter.



According to Regulation 104 of Food Regulations 1985, the standard for recombined butter is as follows:

  1. Recombined butter shall be the product obtained from anhydrous milk fat, which consists of 99.9 percent of pure milk fat, with potable water and milk solids or skimmed milk. It may contain permitted food conditioner. In all other aspects, it shall comply with the standards for butter prescribed in regulation 103.
  2. The words “recombined butter” shall be written in the label on a package containing recombined butter.

The standard for butter prescribed in regulation 103 is as follows:

  1. In these Regulations, “butter” means the solid product derived exclusively from milk or cream, or both, and shall be free from rancidity.
  2. Butter:
    • shall contain not less than 80 per cent of milk fat;
    • shall not contain more than 16 per cent of water; and
    • may contain salt.
  3. Butter may contain permitted colouring substance of vegetable origin and permitted antioxidant.



According to the officer of Agri-Food &Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), the Singapore Food Regulations currently do not stipulate the standards for products labeled as “recombined butter”.



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