Please advise process of produce hard candy.


Process Descriptions:-

  1. Sugar and glucose are weighed, placed into pot and dissolved.
  2. The dissolved mixture is sent into the vacuum cooker where it is cooked by a feeding pump.
  3. The cooked mixture is then placed on the cooling table.
  4. Food coloring and organic acid are then added into the cooked mixture on the cooling table.
  5. The mixture is then moved into the batch roller where it is formed into sticks.
  6. The candy sticks are then sent through the sizing roller and stretched to a specific size.
  7. At this point the candy sticks are then moved to the forming machine that forms it into a specified type of hard candy.
  8. The formed hard candy which has cooled for a specified period of time is then moved to a cooling conveyor.
  9. The finished products are then sent to the automatic wrapping machine.



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