Please advise if there is any recent update on the permission of using Sorbitol in foods and its limits in food, according to Singapore and Malaysia Food Regulation.




According to Food Regulations 1985, Sorbitol is deemed to be a permitted sweetening substance and food conditioner in foods. There are no specific regulations that stipulates its limitations in food.


Ministry of Health Malaysia. (2017). Food Regulations 1985.



According to Food Additives Permitted Under the Singapore Food Regulations, Sorbitol is one of the permitted general purpose food additives and may be used under the conditions of good manufacturing practices (GMP).
“Good manufacturing practice” means that the additive may be added to food at a quantity limited to the lowest possible level necessary to accomplish its desired effect, unless otherwise prohibited under individual standards of the Food Regulations.


Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. (2019). Food Additives Permitted Under The Singapore Food Regulations.

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