May I know what is the latest regulatory update in Thailand for the use of important components in dietary supplements?


Recommendations for the use of ingredients in dietary supplements

In January 2022, Thailand’s FDA announced new instructions for the use of important components in dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are products that require product registration. Therefore, in order to make the application process easier for manufacturers, importers, and distributors, a list of 423 approved active ingredients have been provided for reference. These ingredients need not go through the verification and food safety assessment process prior to applying for product registration.

The list indicates for each active ingredient, the following information: scientific name, Thai name, English name, part of use, active ingredient, extraction process/solvent used in extraction and terms of use.



  1. Sources and parts of the ingredients listed in the approved list shall not be considered novel food according to novel food regulation.
  2. The production process must comply with the relevant regulations.



Food and Drug Administration. (2022). FDA announcement on the Recommendation for The Use Of Ingredients In Dietary Supplements.