Kindly provide studies/ journals to support vitamins & minerals that help on stress relief/ relaxation


Stress responses composed of reactions series in the body including alterations in behavior, autonomic function, secretion of multiple hormones and various physiological changes in the body. Therefore, when stress occurs, a well-balanced nutrition and good mood food will boost resistance against the effects that stress brings upon the body (Singh, 2016).


Journals/ Studies

B Vitamin supplementation (either alone or with a multivitamin) benefits in healthy mood and at-risk individuals for stress
Young et al. (2019)
B group vitamins capable of reducing occupational stress, absenteeism or changes in mood, and increasing work productivity
Stough et al. (2014)
Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Selenium
Important role in stress management by reducing the levels of cortisol and adrenalin in the body and the stress chemicals
(Singh, 2016)
Vitamins B, C and Magnesium
Magnesium and Vitamin B6 combination effective in reducing premenstrual stress
Vitamin B6 alone may reduce anxiety effectively in older women
High-dose sustained-release vitamin C reduce anxiety and mitigate increased blood pressure in response to stress.
McCabe et al. (2017)
Vitamin B6 and Magnesium
Magnesium–vitamin B6 combination provided a 24% greater reduction in stress than Magnesium alone in people with severe or extremely severe stress with low serum magnesium concentration
Pouteau et al. (2018)
Vitamin D, B-Complex, Broad-Spectrum Mineral/Vitamin (BSMV)
Decreases in depression, anxiety and stress but both B-Complex and the BSMV have greater improvement in stress and anxiety compared with single nutrient (Vit D)
Kaplan et al. (2015)
Multivitamin and Minerals
Vitamins and mineral supplementation reduced the levels of perceived stress, mild psychiatric symptoms, anxiety, depression and confusion. High doses of B vitamins may be more effective in improving mood states
Long & Benton (2013a)
Multivitamin/Minerals and DHA
DHA decreased the display of aggressive behavior and impulsivity, while multivitamin and mineral supplement decreased perceived stress.
Long & Benton (2013b)



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