Kindly check the regulations for following products in Thailand for beverage application.

Ingredient Scientific name/Form Part of use Active ingredient Solvent Condition
Hemp extracts Only FDA approved domestic raw material producers are allowed
Hops extracts Not allowed
Hop Humulus lupulus L. var lupulus leaves / flowers
Lemon balms Melissa officinalis L. leaves
Gamma aminobutyric acid Gamma aminobutyric acid > 80% obtained from fermentation of the approved strains of microorganisms 1. Not more than 15 mg/100 ml for food category 01.1.2 and 06.8.1
2. Not more than 80 mg/100 ml for food category, and 14.1.5
L-Theanine 40 mg/day
Vitamin B6 (Vitamin B6),
(pyridoxine hydrochloride),
(pyridoxine 5’-phosphate)
4 mg/day as vitamin B6
Magnesium 525 mg/day as magnesium