Is there chia seed oil in capsul form.In Sri Lanka, people use cod liver oil capsul to get omega 3 fatty acids.It is an animal soures.If there are chia seed oil capsul, we can promote it for customers who like to buy plant soures omega 3 fatty acids.Pleae give your kind reply.Thank you


Chia seed oil is valued for its high omega-3 content which is available as a food supplement in capsule form. In addition, it contains soluble dietary fibers, proteins as well as essential minerals which has allowed it to be classified as a new age functional food. Chia seed is increasingly receiving scientific attention where it has been approved as a novel food in the EU since 2009 (European Commission, 2013).

Market Examples of Chia Seed Oil in Capsule Form

Health Solution Prime Chia seed oil capsule

Puritan’s Pride Omega 3-6-9 Chia Seed Oil

NutraKey Chia Seed Capsules

Natures Design Chia Seed Oil

Swanson Full Spectrum Chia Seed 400 mg

 Piping Rock Chia Seed 425 mg




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