Fibre – Analytical & Calculation method – Can you pls advise what is the analytical method to measure dietary fibre, and can this method measure prebiotic soluble fibre from inulin and FOS as well? Do advise how to declare on nutrition information panel in Malaysia, total dietary fibre with breakdown prebiotic soluble fibre if there is more than one type of fibre (ie dietary fibre and prebiotic soluble fibre) present in the end product.


AOAC 2009.01 is a single method to determine all types of dietary fibers according to the latest Codex definition for total dietary fiber. The method measures the TDF content including resistant starch and low molar weight dietary fibers. AOAC 2011.25 is an extension of the AOAC 2009.01 method, where 3 categories of dietary fibers are analyzed; insoluble high molar weight dietary fiber (HMWDF), soluble high molar weight dietary fiber (SHMWDF) and the low molar weight dietary fibers (LMWDF).

According to Guide to Nutrition Labelling and Claims (as at December 2010), dietary fibre can be declared on the label, expressed as per 100g or per 100ml, or per package if the package contains only a single portion. In addition, this information should also be given per serving as quantified in label. Where a claim is made regarding dietary fibre, the amount and types of dietary fibre can be mentioned on the label as per information given by the MOH’s officer.



Ministry of Health. (2017). Guide to Nutrition Labelling and Claims as at December 2010.

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