Can you provide regulatory update on labeling for infant formula product at China?


China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has gazette stricter rules on the labeling for infant formula product with effective from 22th February 2023. These regulations also apply to the new registration for infant formula product.

Following are the new rules to be followed:

  1. Nutrient content claim and functional claim are not allowed on infant formula product with 0-6 months
  2. Nutrient content claim and functional claim are not allowed on essential ingredients on follow-up formula product for 6 months and above. Nutrient content claim and functional claim are allowed for optional ingredients which is permitted by national food safety standard and can be only put on side panel
  3. No other content or information shall be displayed on main panel except product name, net weight, registration number, graphic that meet the requirements of national food safety standard and trademark on the corners of the main display panel
  4. If there is animal origin declares on product name, all the milk or protein source should come from that species. Where there are at least two different animal origin sources which are present in milk protein, the proportion of various animal origin raw materials shall be indicated in the ingredient list
  5. Compound ingredient shall strictly follow according to the requirements of the national food safety standards. If there are two or more ingredients in compound ingredient (excluding compound food additive), the original ingredient present in compound ingredients shall be indicated in ingredient list and list with descending order
  6. The recommended consumption or feeding amount on the label should be scientifically based and the expression should be rigorous, the words “must” and “strict” are strictly not allowed to use
  7. Any organization or individual that is found to be involved in violation of this announcement or infringement of consumer rights can make a complaint and report through the hotline 12315 and the national 12315 platform.



State Administration for Market Regulation. (2021). Announcement of the State Administration for Market Supervision on Further Standardization of Infant Formula Labeling Requirements.