Application of Beneo rice ingredients in local Chinese dishes



These two dishes are made from rice flour which is commonly found within Asia. However due to certain circumstances, the quality of rice flour is not consistent, thus making the texture of the Chwee Kueh and Chai tow Kway become too soft, not enough “Q” texture.

So would any Beneo rice ingredients such as rice protein or rice starch, or any other additives help the texture of Chwee Kueh and Chai tow Kway to become slightly firm and a little springy?

Many thanks!


Rice starches contribute to an elastic texture in a gluten-free and clean label solution. The starch gels exhibit elasticity and lead to springiness (Beneo, 2015).

Enclosed kindly find the attached Beneo recipe for your reference.



Beneo. (2015). Rice Pudding. Retrieved from;jsessionid=aTaf9l2U-xc4

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