According to Malaysian regulations, could we use the ‘Tooth Friendly’ logo on product packaging?


According to Toothfriendly International (n.d.), only companies which have concluded a license agreement with Toothfriendly International may use the Toothfriendly logo.

In order to use the Tooth Friendly logo on packaging, 50 – 100g of the end product is to be sent to accredited test centers at University of Dental Institutes.

Secondly, the logo user will need to pay a license fee which may vary depending upon volumes sold and the territory of sale. The logo can be used immediately after the license agreement has been signed and enforced.

Attached below is the Toothfriendly Labelling Guide for Foods and Drinks.




Toothfriendly International. (n.d.). Toothfriendly Labelling Guide for Foods and Drinks.

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