Vietnamese Coffee Gummy
Sep 20, 2023

Guilt-free Gummy with Added Fiber for Digestive Health

Key Benefits

  • No Sugar
  • High in fiber
  • with added Vitamins for beauty
Maltitol Syrup 27.00
Isomalt GS – BENEO 9.00
Orafti®HSI – BENEO 15.00
Water 10.04
Gelatin Mixture  
–        Water 11.25
–        Gelatin 7.50
Pectin Solution  
–        Pectin 0.60
–        Isomalt GS – BENEO 3.00
–        Water 12.00
Starch Slurry  
–        Cornstarch 1.00
–        Water 2.00
Coffee 1.50
Aspartame 0.03
Fortivit-CNF-186 – Hexagon 0.08
Total 100.00
TOTAL 100.00
Flavours as needed
Colorants as needed
Preparation Procedure

For Starch Bed

  1. Dry the cornstarch in the oven at 105-110°C for 3hrs.
  2. Cool the starch to 35°C.
  3. Prepare for moulding.


For the Coffee Layer

  1. Prepare the slurry by mixing cornstarch and water.
  2. For the gelatin mixture, mix the gelatin and water. Heat to 60°C and keep it hot.
  3. For the pectin solution, blend isomalt and pectin, then heat it until fully dissolved. Keep it hot.
  4. Prepare a double boiler set-up.
  5. Put the maltitol syrup, isomalt, orafti, water, aspartame, and coffee into the double boiler and start cooking.
  6. Add the starch slurry and then the pectin solution.
  7. Cook the mixture until 80°Bx is attained.
  8. Lower the temperature to 60-80°C. Add the vitamins, flavors, and colorants.
  9. Add the gelatin mixture and mix gently.
  10. Transfer into the piping bag or jelly depositor.
  11. Pour into the starch bed and cover the top layer with starch.
  12. Dry for 24-48hrs.
  13. Glaze with a bit of oil and pack.






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