Philippines grocery retail market ‘stands out in Asia’

Philippines grocery retail market ‘stands out in Asia’

Backed by solid economic growth, increasing incomes and strong domestic demand, the Philippines stands out as one of the top burgeoning retail markets in Asia.

Cinnamon’s Surprising Health Benefits: Reasons to Include the Spice in Your Diet

Cinnamon has been used as long has recorded history itself. The Egyptians used it in their embalming process and even the Old Testament mentions it as one of the ingredients for anointing oils. The ancients knew of cinnamon's health benefits and it was so treasured that at one time, it was said to be more valuable than gold.

Eating cereal fibre could reduce heart disease & cancer deaths – analysis

Regularly eating cereal fibre could reduce the risk of heart disease-related deaths by up to 18% and cancer mortality by 15%, a new analysis claims.

One in four Hong Kong soy sauces found to contain traces of carcinogen

More than a quarter of soy sauce brands tested by the Hong Kong Consumer Council have been found to contain a possibly carcinogenic compound, while a similar number failed to meet the most basic overseas quality standards.

Insects Could Be Tomorrow’s Meat

Insects Could Be Tomorrow’s Meat

Low in saturated fats and packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, farm-raised insects could be the most promising way forward to feed the planet.

Thiamine-fortified fish sauce could help combat beriberi

Fish sauce fortified with thiamine could help fight cases of beriberi in Southeast Asia – a public health concern caused by thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency.

Nutrition fact panels less effective than front-of-pack claims for unhealthy shoppers

Detailed nutritional fact panels are less likely to influence non-health conscious shoppers than general front-of-pack health claims, a new study suggests.

Fortifying In Asia

Fortifying In Asia

Fortifying foods is not a new trend, but it is a move that manufacturers are commonly adopting now, whether to address deficiencies in vitamins and minerals for consumers, or to enhance the appeal of their products with these added health benefits. But what exactly is fortification, why do we need to fortify foods, and what can be said of the future for fortification? Lee Wei Xuan, research analyst, Euromonitor International, tells APFI more. By Michelle Cheong

Fighting food allergies with red algae

Fighting food allergies with red algae

Gracilaria lemaneiformis, an edible algae in the category of seaweed are low-calorie and packed with nutrients. In addition, now scientists have found that a type of commercial red algae could help counteract food allergies.

Gelatin—The Solution for Natural, Healthy Indulgence

Today’s food manufacturers are always looking for natural solutions to meet consumer demands for healthier products. What if there were a single ingredient that could help them do so? Introducing gelatin, a ‘one-stop’ solution for many product applications for the food industry. By Paul Stevens, global R&D and application director, Rousselot.

Traceability Software to Drive Malaysia’s Durian Exports

Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has developed a traceability software to track the quality of its premium durians in order to boost exports.

China and Argentina agree landmark beef deal

Argentina is celebrating the renewal of a beef deal with China, despite a crackdown on antibiotics contamination which saw a large shipment of its meat destroyed by China.

When Oil Water Dont Mix Stabilizers and Emulsifiers in Food Formulations 650


When Oil & Water Don’t Mix - Stabilizers and Emulsifiers in Food Formulations

By: DPO International

Source: Asia Pacific Food Industry Magazine – October 2015

DPO International’s original article on Emulsifiers and Stabilisers was recently featured in the Asia Pacific Food Industry (APFI) Magazine in their October 2015 issue. Titled as ‘When Oil & Water Don’t Mix’, the article aimed to clarify on what exactly are emulsifiers and stabilisers while providing factual information on their functional properties and roles they play in food applications.

Read the FULL ARTICLE below:

‘Healthy fat’ claims growing as consumer awareness rises

‘Healthy fat’ claims growing as consumer awareness rises

On-pack claims for ‘good fat’ are on the rise as manufacturers begin to tap in to changing consumer sentiment, says Mintel.

Safer fruit and veg target for Bangladesh project

Safer fruit and veg target for Bangladesh project

Improving the safety of the Bangladeshi fruit and vegetable sector is the target of a SWITCH-Asia project which runs until the end of 2019.

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