The Karel De Grote University of Antwerp, Belgium visits DPO International

karel de gote students

Building upon their commitment in supporting educational development and initiatives, DPO International recently welcomed 26 bachelor students along with both their lecturers from the Karel De Grote University in Antwerp, Belgium on the 28th of March 2018.

This has been the fourth time DPO International has hosted students from foreign universities, imparting vital and practical knowledge on how international business is done in Asia. With a strong presence throughout seven countries in the Asian region, DPO International was in an ideal position to relay indispensable knowledge on the food industry of Asia.

daniel gives his speech
Mr Daniel Pans, CEO of DPO International displays DPO’s first office in Japan that used to house only one staff,
showing just how much his organization has grown over the years. DPO International now has over
200 employees throughout Asia.

DPO International’s Group CEO, Mr. Daniel Pans held an exceptional discussion for the students, highlighting some of the challenges of running a multi-cultural organization within Asia, especially when your employees all come from different cultural backgrounds with various beliefs.

Mr. Pans also emphasized on the specific challenges when it comes to food, mainly food safety and how contamination could occur at almost every point of the food chain, especially during storage and transportation.

daniel explains the businessMr. Pans explains to the students what a ‘food distribution’ company actually does and how DPO International
does not merely sell foodstuff like salt & pepper,but specialty ingredients that can give added benefits to everyday
food items. A good example would be how DHA is sold to baby formula companies and how they incorporate DHA
into their formulas.

He also ensured that the students properly understood that food does not simply encompass the end product they see on their plates or in supermarkets and convenience stores. Instead, it consists of the entire food industry, ‘from farm to fork’, including supply chain, various regulations, marketing techniques, import & export, repackaging of bulk ingredients and so much more.

It is always heartening listening to the unconventional and ingenious ideas of bright young minds. As always, DPO International welcomes any and all educational collaborations that involve student development. For enquiries on potential educative collaborations, kindly contact us.