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Snack Flavour Evolution

Market Overview

Flavour remains the leading driver of snack choice. According to recent survey, 79% of consumers said flavour is more important than brand when choosing a snack, and 52% said taste is more important than health when eating snacks3,7. Savoury is among the top-of-mind flavours for consumers when it comes to snacks5. The Southeast Asia (SEA) savoury snacks market is projected to register a CAGR of 10.8% during the forecast period (2020 – 2025), with popcorn being the fastest growing product type4.

Here are the key trends which are powering innovative snack flavour profiles.

Restaurant-Style Dishes

  • The future of snacking in APAC and especially in Asia is very much going to be less westernised, as people here crave local flavours5.  Localism is a fundamental element, several brands have launched premium crisp with popular local flavour, which consumers are ready to pay extra for. For example, the roaring success of salted egg snacks in SEA in 20192. Besides, they are always excited to see their favourite savoury dishes’ flavours turns into their familiar snacks5. In other words, by opening a bag of potato chips or puff snacks, the consumers will be served with a buffet of palates typically found on a restaurant menu such as mala hot pot, kimchi, Thai green curry, grilled kebab, Japanese gyoza or other sophisticated flavour in the region1.

Demand for Low Sodium Snacks

  • Today’s consumers are better-informed, more health-conscious and pro-active about their diets, and understand the health risks associated with too much sodium6. Dietary data suggest that sodium intake in most SEA countries exceeded the WHO recommendation of 2 g/day. ​With growing concerns, governments are introducing national policies to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles. Thus, various local and global players have started showcasing their products with no sodium or low sodium labels4.

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