What is the Thailand regulatory updates regarding Tea Infusion?


Thailand Replacing The Term ‘Herbal Tea’ to ‘Tea Infusion’

Through The Notification of Ministry of Public Health No.426 B.E 2564 (2021) – the new term ‘Tea Infusion’ has been introduced to replace the existing term ‘Herbal Tea’. Thailand FDA has revised the previous notification regarding ‘Herbal Tea’ in order to avoid confusion with health products issued under the ‘Herbal Product’ category.

The term of “Tea Infusion” refers to the product made from parts of plants that are processed by drying and may be roughly grounded or diminished for consumption by boiling or infusing with water.

The new notification also included the updated list of plants and part of plants that are permitted as raw materials for tea infusion. From 15 listed plants in previous notification, now there are now around 200 listed plants.

This notification came into force from publication date on 13th May 2021 onwards.



Ministry of Public Health Thailand. (2021). Notification of the MOPH (No.426) B.E 2564 (2021) Issued by virtue of the Food Act B.E. 2522 Re: Tea Infusion. Retrieved from (for english translation).