What are the functions of Polysorbate 80 in ice cream? Is there any other alternative ingredients to replace Polysorbate 80 in Ice Cream?


Polysorbate-80 functions as an emulsifier by preventing milk proteins from completely coating fat globules which encourages the destabilization of the fat emulsion in ice cream. The addition of polysorbate-80 also helps to retain the shape of the ice cream and decreases its melting rate (Chang et al., n.d.). It is soluble in cold water (Saltmarsh, 2013).

Another fat –derived emulsifier – mono- and di-glycerides (E471) can be used as an alternative to Polysorbate-80 in ice cream applications (Blech, 2009). Mono- and di-glycerides are surface-active because the glycerol end of the molecule is hydrophilic and the fatty acid end is hydrophobic (Clarke, 2012).



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