I would like to know the process to produce the carbonated drink and the ingredients that are necessary for this product.


General Process of Carbonated Drinks:-

Source: Monika, 2014.


General ingredients that are used to produce carbonated non-alcoholic beverages consist of:

  • Water
  • Sweeteners (Natural/Artificial sweetener can be incorporated for low-calorie carbonated drink formulation)
  • Flavourings (Natural/ Nature-identical/ Artificial)
  • Acids (For example: Citric Acid)
  • Colouring (Natural/ Nature-identical/ Artificial)
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Preservatives (For example: Sodium Benzoate/ Benzoic Acid)

Sources: Shoaib, 2014; Monika, 2014; U.S. Patent No. 8568818 B2, 2013.



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