Kindly provide the regulatory updates on the subject of Prepackaged Processed Food Products in the Philippines.


Implementation of Trans Fatty Acid (TFA) Regulation in Prepackaged Processed Food Products in the Philippines

The FDA circular 2021-028 Guidelines for prepackaged processed food products that contain Trans-Fatty Acids (TFA) provide guidelines for manufacturers, traders, importers and distributors of raw materials, ingredients and prepackaged processed food products containing TFA intended for Philippines’ market distribution.

It is prohibited to import, manufacture, distribute, use and sell Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHO) whether as a single ingredient or raw material or as an ingredient to any prepackaged processed food products as follows:

  1. PHO to be consumed alone or used in the preparation of processed food products;
  2. Oils and fats made blended with PHO;
  3. Oils and fats with more than 2g TFA per 100g or 100ml of total fat consistent with Section VI. A. 3. Of DOH AO No. 2021-039; and
  4. Prepackaged processed food products with PHO and high TFA content as defined in this Circular.

This Circular will be effective on 18 June 2023 and all product formulations and labels of prepackaged processed food containing TFA shall be fully compliant with these guidelines.



Food and Drug Administration. (2021). FDA Circular No. 2021-028 Guidelines for Prepackaged Food Products Containing Trans-Fatty Acids (TFA).