Is Sweetener like Sucralose, Stevia and etc allow to add in the Chrysanthemum Tea, Soya Bean and Cincau ready to drink beverage in Myanmar?


FDA (Myanmar) adopts the guidelines and standards of Codex Alimentarius Commission (Joint FAO, WHO standard programme) as a National reference.

According to Codex General Standard for Food Additives (Codex Stan 192-1995), Sucralose and Steviol Glycosides are allowed to be used in certain food categories and their maximum usage levels are listed below:

Food Category Definition Maximum Level for Sucralose Maximum Level for Steviol Glycosides
Soybean-based beverages Products prepared from dried soybeans that are soaked in water, pureed, boiled and strained, or prepared from soybean flour, soybean concentrate, or soybean isolate. In a number of countries, this category includes products referred to as soybean milk. 400mg/kg 200mg/kg
Water-based flavoured drinks, including “sport”, “energy”, or “electrolyte” drinks and particulated drinks Includes all carbonated and non-carbonated varieties and concentrates. Includes products based on fruit and vegetables juices. Also, includes coffee-, tea-, and herbal-based drinks 300mg/kg 200mg/kg


In conclusion, Sucralose and Stevia are allowed to be added in Chrysanthemum Tea, Soy Bean and Cincau ready-to-drink beverages in Myanmar.


Codex Alimentarius Commission. (2018). General Standard on Food Additives (Codex Stan 192-1995).

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