How Prebiotics Keep Tiny Tummies Healthy

The prebiotics market is expanding rapidly along with the increasing consumer awareness towards health as well as the launching of new infant formulas for the past three years4. Recent survey reveals that prebiotics for infant formula is expected to gain market growth with a CAGR of 6.7% during the forecast period (2020 -2027) and forecasted to reach 1,761.92 million USD by 20273.

Here are the top two reasons why the trend of incorporating prebiotic fibres is expected to continue:

Raising Demand for Boosting Immunity

Parents are looking for infant nutrition that promotes their baby’s gut health3. According to a recent survey, prebiotic ingredients are popular in Asia Pacific Region because they help boost the immune system1. Prebiotics promote the growth of good bacteria in the little one’s gut as well as offers a beneficial approach to immunity5. These good bacteria help defend the body against viruses, allergies and infections5. The incorporation of inulin or oligofructose as prebiotic fibres into baby formula or baby food brings them closer to the gold standard of breastfeeding2

Digestive Health Awareness

Consumers are becoming more aware about the benefits of fibres in maintaining a healthy digestive system7. Demand for inulin and oligofructose are high and trending1. They serve as food for probiotics, enabling them to grow and flourish in the gastrointestinal tract6. These prebiotic fibres support beneficial bacteria in the gut that helps to stimulate bowel movements, relieves constipation and promote softer stools in infants5. This, in turn, improves gastrointestinal health and keeps tiny tummies healthy6.

To be concluded,

Breast milk is always the best nutrition for babies as it contains bifidobacteria which have been shown to balance the intestinal flora and help develop a healthy immune system. However, if breastfeeding is not chosen, the baby should get the best possible alternative to breast milk. Thus, parents should plan and choose the baby nutrition wisely for their little ones.

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