Singapore Halts Quail Egg Imports from Malaysia
Oct 11, 2019

SINGAPORE – The Singaporean Food Agency (SFA) has suspended the import of fresh quail eggs from a Malaysian farm that contributes to about 20% of Singapore’s total supply.

The suspension of quail egg imports from Telic Farm in Malaysia took effect last month, the SFA said on Saturday (Oct 5) in response to media queries.

This came after it detected residues of a drug called nicarbazin – which stops female birds from producing eggs or causes them to lay eggs that do not hatch – in the farm’s quail eggs.

“The suspension will be in place until SFA has verified that the farm has measures in place to ensure that their eggs do not contain drug residues and are safe for human consumption,” it said.

Last year, Singapore imported some 17 million fresh quail eggs from Telic Farm, the SFA said.

Singapore’s quail egg supply comes from local farms and imports from Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, the agency said.

Source: The Star Daily