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LA Times: Indonesia’s IndoMie Listed as #1, Malaysia’s MyKuali at #2 in Top 10 Instant Ramen List

A list by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times (LA Times) newspaper names Indonesia’s Indomie BBQ Chicken and Malaysia’s MyKuali Penang White Curry as the first and second best tasting instant ramen of 2019.

The official instant ramen power rankings have been published. LA Times food columnist, Lucas Kwan Peterson, proclaims he tried every variety of ramen in the known universe and came up with a ratings system to rank 31 varieties. One of the rules was to limit the list to no more than three (3) varieties per brand.

All 31 types of instant noodles were ranked based on two factors, taste and in ‘Truth In Advertising’, as in: “Is the taste correct to what it says it is?” For example, does the shrimp ramen taste like shrimp? Does the chicken taste like chicken?

This is the result:

Indonesia’s Indomie Mi Goreng featured twice in the top 10, at 1st place and 10th place, with the Barbecue Chicken variety taking out the top spot. The food columnist said, “The five distinct flavor packages that come with the noodles are exciting in and of themselves. There are three liquids (some oniony oil, a sweet kecap manis, a little chile sauce) and two dry sachets (the MSG-rich chicken powder and some fried shallots). They all mix together to become, how do you say, totally and utterly heavenly?”

“The smoky chicken flavor balances out what could be perceived as one possible weakness of Indomie noodles, namely that they’re a little too sweet. The chile sauce gives a tiny bit of heat, and the texture of the crunchy onions really puts it over the top. Could and would eat daily”.

Malaysia’s instant noodles didn’t fall far behind, with three variations were listed in the top 10 list. Lucas Kwan Peterson invariably fell in love with the MyKuali Penang White Curry, calling it “one of the best” with a “deep seafood flavour, slightly sweet and almost coconutty.” – placing it in the number 2 spot. At No 5 is Ibumie Mi Goreng Curry Kapitan, deemed a “very satisfying dry noodle” where the “sweet-spicy combo is done exceedingly well” thanks to its cumin, coriander and chilli flavour profile.

MyKuali wins taste buds again at No 7 with Lucas crowing the Penang Spicy Prawn as the top for Truth in Advertising for its deep and briny taste. He calls it a crustacean carnival, colourfully describing the soup’s flavour akin to “sucking the goopy marrow from the head of a shrimp.”

Source: LA Times

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