Meatless Sausage Recipe
Ingredients %
Water 43.17
Oil 25.00
BeneoPro W-Tex WF 65-7001 12.00
Egg White Powder 6.67
Tapioca 5.00
Remy FG P 3.33
Spices 4.17
Salt 0.75
Total 100
Preparation Procedure
  1. Measure all ingredients.
  2. Pre-hydrate BeneoPro W-Tex WF 65-7001 with water for 10 minutes at speed 1 in a Thermomix
  3. Drain BeneoPro W-Tex WF 65-7001 and weigh it.
  4. Add the remaining water, seasoning, and pre-hydrated BeneoPro W-Tex WF 65-7001 into the Thermomix
  5. Mix with speed 5 for 3 minutes
  6. Add egg white powder into the Thermomix and mix at speed 5 for 2 minutes
  7. Add tapioca starch into Thermomix, Mix with speed 5 for 2 minutes
  8. Add oil into Thermomix, mix with speed 5 for 30 seconds, following with speed 10 for 1 minutes
  9. Add Remy FG-P into Thermomix, mix with speed 4 for 2 minutes
  10. Put the meatless batter into sausage casing using sausage stuffer
  11. Steam sausage for 25 minutes

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