Buko Pandan Soft Serve
Sep 19, 2023

Creamy Indulgence for Optimal Bone Health


Key Benefits

  • High fibre, Source of Calcium, Source of Vitamin A, Source of Vitamin B12, Source of Vitamin C, Source of Vitamin D, Source of Vitamin K, Contains ALA
Non-Dairy Creamer 6.43
Skim Milk 6.43
Coconut powder 1.00
Palatinose™ PST-PF – BENEO 8.33
Orafti® Synergy1 – BENEO 8.33
Palsgaard® WaterIce 815 – Palsgaard 0.47
Palsgaard® DMG 5611 – Palsgaard 0.20
Fine Salt 0.13
Pandan Powder Flavor – Ingrebio 0.05
Benexia® ALA Powder – Benexia 0.07
EuroVanillin Dairy – Borregaard 1.67
Fortivit-DAI-348 – Hexagon 0.03
Calcium Lactate – Hexagon 0.02
Monkfruit MFC-E30P – Monk Fruit Corp 0.22
Sub Total 33.34
Water 66.66
TOTAL 100.00


Reduced Sugar Pandan Jelly

Plain Instant Jelly Powder 2.14 2.14
Sugar 28.55
Isomalt GS – BENEO 28.55
Pandan Powder Flavor – Ingrebio 0.06 0.06
Monkfruit MFC-E30P – Monk Fruit Corp 0.01
Water 99.94 99.94
TOTAL 100.00 100.00
Preparation Procedure

A. Soft Serve Ice Cream

  1. Weigh all dry ingredient and mix it well.
  2. Dissolve the premix into water, mix it well with a hand-blender until all dissolve well.
  3. Pour the mixture into soft serve ice cream machine.
  4. Wait until it ready to serve. Put the ice cream into ice cream cup (1 serving 80 gr)

B. Pandan Jelly

  1. Weigh all dry ingredients.
  2. Dry mix instant Jelly Powder, Isomalt GS, and Monkfruit MFC-E30P
  3. Add water, mix until dissolve well.
  4. Heat the mixture until its boil then turn of the heat.
  5. Add flavor powder and food color, mix it until dissolve well.
  6. Pour into mould, wait until cool down. Storage in cool condition to make Jelly setting.
  7. Cut the Jelly with size: 1 x 1 x 1 cm. The jelly ready to serve as ice cream topping.



A. Ice Cream + Pandan Jelly


B. Pandan Jelly


Reduced Sugar


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