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Almond-Pistachio Bar

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Almond-Pistachio Bar
IngredientsTest Recipe (%)
Whole almond37.50
Isomalt GS20.25
Whole Pistachio9.25
Rice crispy9.00
Skim Milk powder6.25
Dried cranberry3.50


  1. Chopped half from whole almond weigh and put aside.
  2. Dissolve salt, Orafti®Synergy1, skim milk powder with water and, put aside.
  3. Heat Isomalt GS until its melted, turn of the stove.
  4. Add shortening into liquid Isomalt GS, mix well.
  5. Add mixture of water, salt, Orafti®Synergy1, and skim milk powder, and mix well.
  6. Add mixture of almond (whole almond and chopped almond), pistachio, cranberry, and raisin, mix well until all coated.
  7. Add rice crispy, mix well.
  8. Put it into mould that has been covered with baking paper.
  9. Put the mould into tray, heat it with oven with 140°C for 2 minutes.
  10. Let it cool down, cut the almond with size 4 x 10 cm (±50 gr). Almond-Pistachio Bar ready to serve.

Featured Ingredients

Isomalt GS

Nutritional benefits of Isomalt GSTechnical benefits of Isomalt GS
Low glycemicGood flowability
Less calorie than sugarAid in sugar replacement


Nutritional benefits of Inulin & OligofructoseTechnical benefits of Inulin & Oligofructose
Source of dietary fiberAid in fat replacement
Increase intestinal bifidobacteriaMore soluble than native inulin
Aid in digestionLess sensitive than oligofructose in hydrolysis
Promote healthy digestive system & gastrointestinal tract 
Increase calcium absorption 
Healthy weight management & immune system 
Clean label 
Natural substance 
Increase bone mineral density 
Suitable for diabetic 


Nutritional Benefits of AlmondTechnical benefits of Almond
Rich in proteinEase of processing
Antioxidant propertiesNutritional consistency
High in dietary fiberEnhanced flavor and texture


Nutritional Benefits of PistachioTechnical benefits of Pistachio
Rich in nutrientsEase of processing
Blood Sugar RegulationNutritional boost
AntioxidantsBinding and Structure
Relatively calorie-denseEnhanced flavor and texture

Dried Cranberry

Nutritional Benefits of CranberryTechnical benefits of Cranberry
High in antioxidantEase of processing
Good source of fiberExtended shelf life
Low in fatEase of storage and handling
Anti-inflammatory propertiesConsistency