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5 Reasons Why Consumers Buy Groceries Online

Over the past 10 years, online shopping has reached millions of households worldwide and with the availability of internet coupled with multiple delivery options, it has become more of a life-helping tool.

Researches show consumers spend approximately 69 minutes in the supermarket shopping for groceries. With busy schedules and the hassle of finding a parking space, food industry has found its way into the massive home delivery market.  

Save time

With today’s busy lifestyles, time is literally considered to be a luxury. Say you normally spend 80 minutes on a single grocery trip, twice in a month. That’s 2 hours and 20 minutes you can do something else with. As compared to only 20 minutes of grocery shopping online.

You can shop for groceries at anytime and anywhere even on a smartphone, during work breaks. Simply register an account at and tell them where you want your groceries to be sent to. Instead of spending time looking around for different products, you can simply search for the particular item in a brand or category add that to your cart. Plus, checking out is instant as you don’t waste time standing in queues. You would also save time and troubles that would otherwise be wasted in travelling to and from a grocery store.

Larger Variety

Like any big supermarkets, online grocery stores also have a larger variety of products available compared to what you find at your local neighborhood store. Just stroll through the products from local and international brands, using only your fingers in the comforts of your home/office/car.

You’ll also find that product discovery is easier and you can see all deals and special offers in one place. In addition, online grocery stores like BIGbox Asia typically stock imported brands that are harder to find.

Deals and Offers

To attract more customers, online stores keep offering discounts, rewards and loyalty points. Some sites offers daily deals with discounts on specific products whereas some offer bundle packages to entice buyers. You’ll receive e-newsletters from online stores on a weekly sometimes daily basis, informing you on new arrivals of products and the current discounted items.

Some stores also offers loyalty points on purchases that can be later used as currency for more purchases. Like any e-commerce site, you also get the option to apply discount vouchers coupons for additional savings.

Quick price comparisons

There is only one way to compare prices in offline shopping, by making several stops to visit multiple shops, only to come back to the store that has the lowest price. The process alone would cost you time and energy.

Comparing price is a matter of minutes online. With the increasing number of grocery stores, it is easy to compare product prices on various portals and find the lowest price for any product. You can visit the sites simultaneously and just flip through them, without having to start your car. You would also have the freedom to have all your groceries from different platforms to be sent to you at the same date.

Delivery Options

Almost all major players of online grocery offer same day delivery (as long as some conditions are met). Some can offer delivery within a few hours of placing the order. Apart from this, you also have the option to choose a delivery time slot that is suitable to you. Many are available 7 days a week, so you don’t have to worry about holidays or working hours.

You can also collect your own groceries from BIGbox Asia on your way home from work. Simply order beforehand and the personal shoppers at BIGbox Asia will pick and pack your groceries in a bag and will pass them to you – in a ‘drive-tru’ fashion. 

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Compiled & edited by Big D at Ricebowl Asia.