DPO International Launches Sunnyland
Jun 20, 2017

Striving to meet ever changing consumer demands, DPO International will be launching a new in-house brand called Sunnyland.  Applying over 20 years of experience servicing nearly all aspects of the food industry, Sunnyland taps into DPO’s vast understanding of the Foodservice market, offering frozen foods of the highest quality that are stored in proper storage conditions and transported with care in an ideal environment.

As a testament to DPO’s experience in the handling of frozen foods at an international level, Sunnyland products are ensured to be handled with care, with special priorities placed on safe storage and secure distribution.

Sunnyland products include delectable potato based products, fruits & vegetables, seafood & meat and yummy ready-to-eat desserts & meals. Sunnyland will be available in Malaysia, China, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines and will be launched sometime in September 2017.