The Greehey School of Business from St. Mary University visits DPO International

gsob visits DPO

Ever committed to supporting student development and educational initiatives, DPO International recently welcomed 13 business major students from St. Mary University, America alongside Dr. Mathew Joseph Emil C.E. Jurica Distinguished Professor of Marketing on the 13th of March 2018.

Building upon their past relationship, this was the second year DPO International has hosted the students of St. Mary University at their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, exposing them to real-life practicalities of international business, especially in the context of Asia.

Having a strong presence throughout seven countries in the region, DPO International was in a very special position to impart vital knowledge on the food industry of Asia.

daniel pans gives brief introduction
Daniel Pans, DPO International’s Group CEO gives the students a brief introduction about the company. He explains that the company’s tagline ‘Total Solutions & Services for the Asian Food Supply Chain’ means that DPO International offers near complete services for the food industry of Asia

DPO International’s Group CEO, Mr. Daniel Pans held a very special discussion with the students, highlighting the challenges of running a successful organization in the region. Mr. Pans stressed that creating a harmonized workplace is one of the most essential ways to guarantee success, especially when your employees are from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Mr.Pans also highlighted the specific challenges when it comes to transporting food, mainly the risks associated to cold chain distribution and stock management. This is because various foods have different expiry dates and storage conditions, from chilled, dry, ambient to frozen.

gsob students listening to daniel pans
Students were encouraged to interact with Mr. Pans. They seemed especially interested in how he ran a successful organization within a multicultural Asian society

Mr.Pans also made certain that the students understood that food does not simply encompass the end product they see at supermarkets or convenience stores. Instead, it consists of food science & regulation, marketing techniques for retail, online stores, imports & exports, repackaging of ingredients and so much more.

It is always an encouragement to hear the ingenuity and innovativeness of bright young minds. DPO International welcomes any and all educative collaborations that involve student development. For enquiries or collaborations, please contact us.