Coconut and Rice Yoghurt
Feb 17, 2023

Plant-based foods are all the rage these days. Almost every type of food also comes in a vegan alternative, and dairy-based food such as yoghurt is no exception.

Together with our in-house food technologist, we have prepared a recipe for a Coconut and Rice Yoghurt that features ingredients from our partners Beneo and Palsgaard which provides a more desirable texture and flavour with less calories.

Key benefits

Plant-based dairy alternative

Coconut and Rice Yoghurt

IngredientsTest Recipe (%)Reference (%)
Palsgaard RecMilk 3160.500.50
Palsgaard AcidMilk 1310.200.20
Coconut paste6.006.00
Remyflo R 1000P5.005.00
Orafti FTX Inulin2.002.00

1. Hydrate Remyflo R 1000P at 60℃ for approximately 30 minutes
2. Add sucrose and Orafti FTX inulin.
3. Add Palsgaard RecMilk 131 and Palsgaard AcidMilk 316.
4. Pasteurize at 90 °C for 6 minutes.
5. Homogenized at 150 bars two steps (100/50) and cool to 45 °C.
6. Inoculate with starter culture and ferment at 45°C until 4.5 pH (S. Thermophillus and L.Bulgaricus).
7. Homogenise without applying pressure and cool to 10°C.
8. Fill in containers and store at refrigeration.

Featured Ingredients

Palsgaard Reilk 316 & Palsgaard AcidMilk 131

Technical benefits of Recmilk & AcidMilk

  • Prevents sedimentation of rice particles
  • Prevents syneresis in shelf-life
  • Improves the texture of the yogurt giving a richer and more creamy taste

Remyflo R 1000P              

Nutritional benefits of Remy      

  • Gluten-free       
  • Good amino acid profile
  • Good digestibility            
  • Non-allergenic 

Technical benefits of Remy

  • Naturally derived from rice
  • Soluble in water
  • Improves texture & mouthfeel

Orafti FTX Inulin               

Nutritional Benefits of Inulin      

  • Promote digestive health: Improves intestinal flora balance         
  • Close the fibre gap: prebiotic dietary fibres          
  • Reduce overall calorie intake: weight management         
  • Support in blood glucose management 

Technical benefits of Inulin

  • Naturally derived from chicory roots
  • As fat replacement and stable at high temperature process
  • Soluble in water

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Click here to download full recipe: APPLICATION RECIPE – COCONUT AND RICE YOGHURT