Need help growing your food business in Asia or elsewhere in South-East Asia? Our team members in our three core divisions are Highly-Equipped With The Know-Hows And The Evolving Market Trends – to constantly provide the latest information and products to our customers.

Aiding our core divisions to achieve these objectives, while meeting our customers’ expectations, is our Marketing team – who is consistently exploring the huge array of informative communication channels and design elements, to market the products, more efficiently and effectively.

Our Science and Regulatory team assists with the development of food-concepts, making food science available in bite-size slogans onto consumer-packaging, backed up by in-house developed flyers & leaflets. They also assist with making overseas suppliers Halal-compliant, co-organizing science – and marketing seminars, and approaching the local Ministry of Health or Food & Drug Administration in seeking regulatory approval.

  • ourservices

  • we buy

    We source for top-notched food products from renowned food suppliers & manufacturers.

  • we ship

    We ensure all logistics procedures are executed in a most competent manner during shipping.

  • we store

    Our well located regional warehouses are capable of managing inventories for a wide range of products.

  • we msrket

    Need help growing your food business in Asia or in South-East Asia? Find out how we could help.

  • we distribute

    We distribute our products fast, in accurate quantities and optimal quality, wherever you are.

  • we sell

    Our experienced sales reps ensure our supplier’s products are well marketed, restocked & serviced.

  • we regulatory

    We handle regulatory affairs with authorities in approving Product Labeling, Nutritional Claims & such.

  • we regulatory

    We blend single ingredients into functional premixes & repack bulk foods into consumer packs.

  • we regulatory

    We develop innovative formulations & provide advice on nutritional & technological improvements.