Do you know about Acacia Gum
Acacia / Arabic gum is a natural gum consisting of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree.

Alland & Robert, France based supplier of food additive Acacia gum has done a study on the nutritional knowledge about Acacia gum, in the UK, Germany, Japan, and the USA, through the polling organisation Toluna.  Company finds huge misunderstanding about Acacia Gum uses, according to its study.

Difference between Halal and Halalan-Toyyiban

Difference between Halal and Halalan Toyyiban
Not all halal certified foods are halalan-toyyiban, which is a more comprehensive method of international standards compliance that is universally acceptable. PIC BY FAHMI YUSOF

HALAL is an Arabic word connoting a state of permissibility for objects or actions according to Syariah principles.

The Quran states that: “Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good” (2:168). This verse implies that humanity is expected to eat, use and act in accordance with what is not only permissible but also good, pure or wholesome. The verse expresses the godly commandment using two important words, namely “halal” and “toyyib”.

Wild salmon versus farmed salmon: Which is healthier?

Wild salmon versus farmed salmon
While both wild and farmed salmon are generally healthy options, the determining factor lies in how you want to prepare your salmon.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER FILE

It is often assumed that wild seafood is healthier because it comes from natural sources, while farmed seafood contains parasites and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). But that is not the case, according to Mr Jon Erik Steenslid, regional director of the Norwegian Seafood Council of Southeast Asia. We speak to the seafood expert to reveal some surprising facts about farmed salmon. 

Banana sugar and cricket protein
Cambodia's National Fruit: Chicken Egg Banana

Start-ups including a Cambodian firm that produces a unique banana sugar and a Vietnam cricket protein company are among the 23 businesses selected to take part in the Mekong Agritech Accelerator (MATCh) programme.

The chosen cohort includes 13 startups from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, and 10 international firms proposing agritech solutions for these country markets.

Indias child stunting cant be stopped

In the 1970s, undernutrition was a common problem in the urban slums and poorer regions of Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil. Brazilian health crusader Carlos Monteiro, who was practising medicine in these pockets then, recalls the large number of stunted children he dealt with.

Indonesia's salt spat gives industry a shake

Indonesias salt spat gives industry a shake
With more than 50,000km of coastline Indonesia is surrounded by salt water, and yet it spends tens of millions of dollars every year on imports of salt. PHOTO: REUTERS

JAKARTA (REUTERS) - Indonesia's efforts to protect farmers from imports have sometimes gone spectacularly wrong, creating shortages of staples such as rice and beef, and playing havoc with markets.

Superhot fried chicken eats into KFCs dominance in Indonesia
Fried chicken with traditional chili sauce is served with rice at an ayam geprek restaurant in Jakarta. (Photo by Wataru Suzuki)

JAKARTA -- A cheap, super-spicy dish of pounded fried chicken with chili sauce called ayam geprek has become all the rage in Indonesia. Restaurants that specialize in it have sprung up over the past year, shaking up the fast-food industry and challenging the dominance of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Praying for Kobe beef Kelantan plans Quran recitals for its cows
Che Abdullah said that Kelantan has the country’s second-most cattle exports, adding that it was the first state to export lembu sado bred from prized European stock. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 — The Kelantan government is reportedly planning for Quran recitals to be held near locally-reared lembu sado, an imported breed, in the hopes this will help produce meat of similar grade to Japan’s famed Kobe beef.

McDonald’s has a legal problem in pizza-loving India

McDonalds has a legal problem in pizza loving India
A pickup in the economy and growing demand from the planet’s largest youth population are boosting fast-food sales in India. (Bloomberg pic)

Shares of India’s Domino’s Pizza operator Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. have more than doubled in the past year as the country’s biggest quick-service outlet benefits from a surge in online orders for home pizza delivery.

NEW DELHI: McDonald’s Corp. has a problem in India and its rivals are loving it.

Even as the world’s largest restaurant chain tries to woo Indian stomachs with such menu items as the McAloo Tikki (a potato and pea patty on a bun), a legal dispute with a key franchisee partner has put it on the back foot. Shares of India’s Domino’s Pizza operator Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. have more than doubled in the past year as the country’s biggest quick-service outlet benefits from a surge in online orders for home pizza delivery.

Eating dinner alone a major contributor to obesity in Japanese girls
Cover of la Farfa, a Japanese magazine geared specifically to plus size women. Photo: Buzzfeed


Eating dinner alone could be a significant contributor to obesity among adolescent Japanese girls, a study has found.

In the town of Ina in the Saitama prefecture of Japan, a health promotion programme is run as part of its community health services in addition to the annual national health check-ups.

Japanese food giant Ajinomoto

The Indian subsidiary of Japan-headquartered company currently imports aji-no-moto from its Thailand factory which mainly serves to the South East Asian countries.

Bangkok: Japanese food processing and seasoning company Ajinomoto would tap social and digital media to create awareness about safe consumption of its monosodium glutamate (MSG) seasoning product in India, a top company official has said. 

Indonesia pitches Tempeh for Unesco intangible cultural heritage status
Tempeh served with tofu.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER FILE

Tempeh will be proposed as a Unesco intangible cultural heritage in 2021.

 Mr Made Astawan, head of the Indonesian Tempeh Forum, said tempeh must first be acknowledged as a national cultural heritage.

5000 free meals made from ugly food to raise awareness
The Singapore edition of the international event 'Feeding the 5000', held at City Square Mall on March 25, 2018. — Picture by Nuria Ling/TODAY

SINGAPORE, March 26 — About 1,500kg of blemished or unused vegetables that would otherwise have been discarded were used to cook halal and vegetarian meals for 5,000 people at City Square Mall yesterday.

Cold Storage Giant and Hero stores axed in Southeast Asia on back of poor results

Pan-Asian retailer Dairy Farm International – the owner of stores such as Cold Storage, Giant and 7-Eleven – has closed a series of outlets in Southeast Asia "after a disappointing year" for its food businesses.

Malaysian food delivery startup dahmakan acquires Thai competitor

Malaysian food-delivery startup Dahmakan, which raised US$2.6 million early this year, has acquired Bangkok-based competitor Polpa for an undisclosed amount.

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