Olam forecasts smaller cocoa surplus as Asia develops a taste for chocolate

Cocoa processor Olam is projecting a smaller than expected cocoa surplus where excess supplies, that hit record levels last season, are falling because of a larger uptake from emerging Asian markets.

Head of cocoa at Olam International Ltd, Gerry Manley, spoke to Bloomberg recently explaining how an increase in cocoa demand from countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, India and China is leading to a decline in the cocoa surplus that was the hallmark of last season. 

ornua foods

Ornua is predicting big opportunities for Irish companies in Asia

Irish companies are looking eastwards to Asia for new opportunities in dairy and health food markets.

Forget Saké, Here’s Sachi – The First Booze Made From A Tofu By-Product

A new alcoholic drink rich in isoflavones has been made from whey that is usually wasted during tofu production.

The National University of Singapore research team, headed by Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan and PhD student Chua Jian Yong, have named the drink sachi.

Economy Whets Consumer Appetite

Economy Whets Consumer Appetite
Long queues at a Chooks To Go outlet outside Manila. The Philippines' largest rotisserie chicken chain has over 1,500 kiosks across the country, and its popularity has been a symbol of high consumer demand.ST PHOTO: RAUL DANCEL

When people are happy, they tend to go out more to enjoy themselves.

Just ask Chooks To Go. The Philippines' largest rotisserie chicken chain has over 1,500 kiosks scattered across the archipelago of 100 million people. Like most food companies here, it barely winces amid downturns and weathered the bird flu worries earlier this year.

Global Food Solutions From The Asia-Pacific

Global Food Solutions From The Asia Pacific

At the EAT Food Forum in Jakarta, finding more sustainable ways to feed the world

Fish for sale in a local market in Jambi, Indonesia. When talking about food security in Indonesia, forests and fisheries play an integral role, says CIFOR scientist Terry Sunderland. CIFOR Photo/Icaro Cooke Vieira

SUGAR - Friend or Foe?

 SUGAR - Friend or Foe?

With the so called ‘healthy’ sweeteners appearing in more products on supermarket shelves, some consumers are left wondering if these ‘healthier alternatives’ are indeed better than their more traditional counter parts.

If not taken in moderation, added sugar along with its evil accomplices like high fructose corn syrup is reckoned to be one of the main factors for some of the world’s leading killers like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even cancer.

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Coca-Cola is yet to crack the code in Indian market

Coca Cola is yet to crack the code in Indian market

Sales growth for soft drinks in India has tapered as urban consumers opt for low-sugar beverages and rural buyers cut discretionary spending.

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, has not been able to crack a section of the Indian market even with brands such as SpriteMaaza and Thums Up

Shanghai reins in vending machines for fresh food

Shanghai reins in vending machines for fresh food

SHANGHAI (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Shanghai's food safety authority is consulting experts about regulations to standardise the operation of vending machines for ready-to-eat food.

The machines have become common in the city, thanks in part to the advent of mobile payment systems and advances in artificial intelligence technology.

Piccolo eyes Asia as UK baby food firm gets backing from PE firm DSG Consumer Partners

Piccolo looking at entering markets in Asia

Piccolo has secured investment from DSG Consumer Partners, with the UK baby food firm eyeing markets in Asia.

Asia will drive global organic growth over next decade

Asia is primed to drive the sales of global organic products between 2020-2030 as consumer understanding and government support grows, claims an industry pioneer in India.

Raj Seelam is the founder and CEO of Sresta Natural Bioproducts which sells organic ingredients and finished products under the 24 Mantra brand.

Export shelled peas to Asia

Export shelled peas to Asia

Players in the agro-business have been urged to export shelled peas into the South-East Asian market to boost the country’s foreign currency reserves dwindle, ZimTrade has said.

In its newsletter, ZimTrade said the demand for fresh garden peas in Malaysia was increasing and exporters should take advantage of that to earn the country the much-needed foreign currency. “ZimTrade is urging Zimbabwean exporters to take advantage of the opportunities available to supply shelled peas into the South-East Asian market. The demand for fresh garden peas in Malaysia is increasing,” it said.

 Technology for Social Good Yimishiji and the Chinese food industry

The latest participant in our ongoing ‘Tech for Social Good’ series is Yimishiji, an online farmers’ market in China that is one of six organisations to be awarded a Social Impact Fellowship from GLG. Receiving the Fellowship means that winners are given two years free-of-charge of access to GLG’s consultancy network of more than 500,000 experts in order to help them develop and grow.

Shaping the Future of Food with EAT Forum in Jakarta

Shaping the Future of Food with EAT Forum in Jakarta

Founder and CEO Alva Lim (far left) together with her team at Agora Food Studio in Dili, Timor-Leste.

Alva Lim wants eating with the seasons to be fashionable again. She’s the Founder and Director of Agora Food Studio in Dili, Timor-Leste, working to revitalize Timorese cuisine by promoting the country’s heritage crops and inspiring new healthy food traditions. “We focus on training people’s palettes to taste food and using what is in season to create beautiful combinations, rather than through a recipe based approach,” says Lim.

Sugar: The Sweet & Bitter Facts

Sugar: The Sweet & Bitter Facts

We previously introduced Ricebowl Asia’s readers on the importance of Carbohydrates in our diet and its functions to the human bodies. Since we were previously discussing about the good ol’ Carbs, it is only natural if we digress towards Sugar. We have all heard about Sugar and how too much sweetness is bad for health but how much do we really know about Sugar?

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Suntory and PepsiCo form soft drink joint venture in Thailand

Suntory and PepsiCo form soft drink joint venture in Thailand

Suntory Beverage & Food and PepsiCo have agreed to create a soft drink joint venture in Thailand, helping Suntory expand its beverage business in the country.

Suntory will acquire 51% of the shares in International Refreshment (Thailand) Co, a PepsiCo operation, for 33bn yen ($289.63m). The venture will be renamed as Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

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