Maharashtra looks at fast-food fat tax to curb obesity

Maharashtra looks at fast-food fat tax to curb obesity

The state of Maharashtra is considering imposing a so-called “fat tax” on fast food in a bid to push residents into eating more healthily.

Look out Japan, scientists are cultivating Norwegian nori in the lab

Japan’s billion dollar nori industry, which produces 350,000 tonnes of edible and nutraceutical seaweed lauded for a multitude of beneficial health effects, could have a new competitor…Norway.

What is ‘Psycho Aesthetics’ and why are packaging product designers embracing it?

A new buzzword is in town and Ravi Sawhney, founder and president-CEO of RKS Design, is using it to describe designers who have made a product that has an emotional connection with consumers.

The Working Label

The Working Label

Growing concerns over poor diet and obesity have seen increased efforts in creating front-of-package labels that are accurate and easy to understand. As history has shown, this may be easier said than done. By Dr Christina A. Roberto, Harvard School of Public Health

A healthy Asia Pacific future

A healthy Asia Pacific future

With consumers becoming more health conscious than ever, manufacturers have to react by value-adding their products using functional ingredients. The key to success will lie in identifying the trends.


A sinuous but promising way for potatoes in China

A sinuous but promising way for potato in China

The 13th Five-year Plan for the Potato Industry (2016-2020) was released recently, putting forward the development strategy, direction and focus of China’s potato industry in the next 5 years.

Call for Ban on Harmful Additive Used in Bread

Call for ban on harmful additive used in bread

NEW DELHI:  The Centre's ban on the use of potassium bromate as a food additive will reduce risk from cancer-causing chemicals and safeguard public health.

Superfood potential Cockroach milk could be fantastic protein supplement

A ‘highly nutritious’ secretion from cockroaches has potential to be a new superfood ingredient for foods and supplements, say researchers.

The New Stevia Chinas Mogroside V Market Ready For Lift Off

Growing consumer demands for natural, healthy products are leading food manufacturers to search for better substitutes for ingredients like sugar. Derived naturally from Luo Han Guo but offering more than the currently popular stevia, Mogroside V might be the next ‘big’ substitute for sugar.

What potential does Myanmar offer food exporters?

What potential does Myanmar offer food exporters

The boom of tourism in Myanmar has inflated local demand for international food brands, while the local food manufacturing base remains very limited in scope. It is a challenging market but infrastructural and regulatory improvements could promote local branded food manufacturing base, which may ultimately serve domestic demand for branded food, as much as visiting consumers.

cereal benefits

A first-ever scientific analysis carried by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from the data garnered by the Australian Health Survey pointed positive impact for body weight and nutrition, regardless of the cereal type and its sugar content. It showed that cereal eaters have slimmer waist and more likely to be at healthy weight that people who eat other breakfast.

Kerala’s ‘fat tax’ could shrink meat sales in India

Kerala&lsquots fat tax could shrink meat sales in India

Meat sales in the southern Indian state of Kerala are expected to fall after the imposition of a 14.5% ‘fat tax’ on western-style fast-food items.

Flooding Devastates China’s Rural Pork Industry

Chinese pork producers are struggling after the city of Wuhan was left paralysed by the worst flooding since 1998 weather crisis. Aoxin Tianli Group, a pig producer operating in retail and e-commerce out of Wuhan City has suffered approximately $1.5m of damages coming from livestock deaths, contaminated feed supplies and ruined farming structures.

China to Reduce Meat Consumption by 50%

China to Reduce Meat Consumption by 50%

The Chinese government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizen’s meat consumption to reduce greenhouse emissions by 1bn tones by 2030. Not only does this measure cut down the emissions, but also reduce the country’s problems with obesity and diabetes.

How Globalisation is Challenging the Supply of Safe Food

How Globalisation is Challenging the Supply of Safe Food

Ensuring a supply of safe and quality food in an era of rapid globalisation, where consumer demand is leading to issues like food fraud, was an overarching theme at the fourth World of Food Safety Conference, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of May, 2016.

TheRiceBowl.Asia’s take: With members from academia, government and industry sectors all in discussion on how to maintain food safety at optimal levels by identifying crucial issues, all relevant stakeholders will be able to conceptualize and put into action proper prevention techniques, policies and such to further strengthen food safety in the era of globalization. Action might take time, but at the very least things are moving forward.   

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