Flooding Devastates China’s Rural Pork Industry

Chinese pork producers are struggling after the city of Wuhan was left paralysed by the worst flooding since 1998 weather crisis. Aoxin Tianli Group, a pig producer operating in retail and e-commerce out of Wuhan City has suffered approximately $1.5m of damages coming from livestock deaths, contaminated feed supplies and ruined farming structures.

China to Reduce Meat Consumption by 50%

China to Reduce Meat Consumption by 50%

The Chinese government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizen’s meat consumption to reduce greenhouse emissions by 1bn tones by 2030. Not only does this measure cut down the emissions, but also reduce the country’s problems with obesity and diabetes.

How Globalisation is Challenging the Supply of Safe Food

How Globalisation is Challenging the Supply of Safe Food

Ensuring a supply of safe and quality food in an era of rapid globalisation, where consumer demand is leading to issues like food fraud, was an overarching theme at the fourth World of Food Safety Conference, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of May, 2016.

TheRiceBowl.Asia’s take: With members from academia, government and industry sectors all in discussion on how to maintain food safety at optimal levels by identifying crucial issues, all relevant stakeholders will be able to conceptualize and put into action proper prevention techniques, policies and such to further strengthen food safety in the era of globalization. Action might take time, but at the very least things are moving forward.   

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Confectionery to be worst hit UK food sector after Brexit says Euromonitor

Confectionery volumes are forecast to decline faster than any other packaged food category after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

TheRiceBowl.Asia’s take: With the UK being one of the key destinations of intra-EU exports of confectionary products, there would definitely be consequences for the industry, not just limited to snacks and confectionary items, but the entire EU food trade.

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Boost for Sri Lankan cinnamon industry

Boost for Sri Lankan cinnamon industry

A joint project is helping cinnamon producers in Sri Lanka meet food safety and hygiene standards to boost export opportunities.

TheRiceBowl.Asia’s take: Partnerships with international organizations will only further establish Sri Lanka as one of the primary cinnamon producers of the world. 

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Nescafé sales drop as smaller brands and coffee joints gain favour

The proportion of Australians buying instant coffee has declined over the last five years, while fresh coffee sales have increased, market research has found.

Thai Union finds work for 1,000 axed staff

Thai Union finds work for 1000 axed staff

International seafood processor Thai Union has given jobs to more than 1,000 workers who were made redundant in a restructuring of its external supply chain.

India Modis call for sodas to be 2 juice bewilders beverage industry

A suggestion by India’s prime minister for all fizzy drinks to have at least 2% natural fruit juice content has baffled many beverage manufacturers.

The sugar tax conundrum currently playing out in Asian markets

The sugar tax conundrum currently playing out in Asian markets

With various emerging Asian markets now considering legislation or tighter regulation of sugar in soft drinks, one of the key issues of the regional beverage industry in 2016 might well be diminishing volume growth due to higher taxation, according to Euromonitor.

Medical foods based on amino acid neurotransmitter technology to be marketed in China

Medical food specialist Targeted Medical Pharma has signed a Chinese distribution deal that bodes well for the long term health of the company.

Wanpen from DPO Thailand speaks to FoodNavigator-Asia.com


In the fast changing market, how do companies keep their finger on the pulse of new trends? Wanpen, General Manager of DPO Thailand, spoke to FoodNavigator-Asia.com on how DPO International strives for innovation and developments for food products & technology.

Packaged foods growth driving Indian ready-to-eat innovation

Packaged foods growth driving Indian ready to eat innovation

The perceived convenience associated with packaged food has been driving lightning growth in the segment, according to an Assocham report.

Global Burden of Foodborne Diseases

A recently published World Health Organization (WHO) report, which presents the first global and regional estimates of the burden of foodborne diseases, states that as many as 600 million people worldwide fall ill after consuming contaminated food. The WHO hopes that this new information will foster increased political attention and spur collective action toward improving food safety.

Indonesia: Sugary Drinks Industry: Sugar Good, Tax Bad

Indonesia Sugary Drinks Industry Sugar Good Tax Bad

Makers of sugary beverages have called on the government to drop a planned tax on their products, claiming it will hurt their revenue and lead to layoffs.

Food safety scheme to launch

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade has chosen Hoc Mon Wholesale Market and Ben Thanh Market to implement a pilot food-safety market model,according to a report in the Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.