Report suggests that most Indians eat twice the safe level of salt

Indians are putting themselves at substantially increased risk of cardiovascular disease by eating more than twice the recommended amount of salt, a new study has found.

Peanut probiotic: Researchers develop commercially viable lactose-free probiotic ‘yoghurt’

A newly developed peanut-based probiotic ‘yoghurt’ could serve as a functional food for those who follow a vegan diet or have lactose intolerance, say researchers.

HK consumer survey finds sizeable sugar rush in traditional desserts

HK consumer survey finds sizeable sugar rush in traditional desserts

The amount of sugar in a small bowl of sweet soup in Hong Kong should not be under-estimated, according to tests conducted by the region’s Consumer Council and the Centre for Food Safety.

Food flavours could be tailored for vaping to help reduce obesity

Electronic cigarettes with flavoured liquids could help with weight control, according to a commentary co-authored by New Zealand researchers.

Shortage of wagyu calves puts pressure on Japan beef industry

 Shortage of wagyu calves puts pressure on Japan beef industry

A severe shortage of wagyu calves in Japan is putting pressure on producers of this special native beef livestock, as calf prices soar and breeders risk a fall in turnover.

Indonesia could swap import licences with tariffs for some commodities

Rumblings in Jakarta suggest that Indonesia is prepared to abolish its import licensing system for some food commodities, and replace it with a tariff system to ease pressure on the economy.

Roti 1Malaysia will be your new favourite snack

A typical Roti that is stretched, thinned and garnished with ingredients that represents the races in Malaysia.

Leading the Pack In Asia’s Sports Nutrition Market

Asia is rapidly emerging as an important market for sports nutrition products. Manufacturers who want to stand out from the crowd should turn to a ‘secret’ natural ingredient.

Several superfoods are now becoming mainstream in Japan because consumers are acutely aware of the “nutrient powerhouses” and their functional benefits.

DHA supplement benefits older adults with mild cognitive impairment: China study

A new Chinese study has shown omega-3 supplementation improved IQ among older people with mild cognitive impairment.

Aged garlic shows antioxidant promise, but not cholesterol-lowering potential: Study

Aged garlic has greater antioxidant potential that the raw version, but was found not to lower cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic individuals, a Singapore study has reported.

Cocoa compound shows appetite-controlling potential

Cocoa compound shows appetite-controlling potential

Epicatechin – compound found in cocoa – may reduce food intake, and subsequently help control appetite and weight management, says a new study.

No more cooking oil subsidies

No more cooking oil subsidies

KUALA LUMPUR: In just 12 days, cooking in Malaysia will get costlier with cooking oil prices going up.

Myanmar: Half of population over 40 has high cholesterol, one-in-three has hypertension

Specialists in Myanmar are warning that unhealthy lifestyles and the low intake of essential vitamins and minerals is leading cardiovascular problems to spiral out of control.

TheRicebowl.Asia’s Take: Nutrient deficiencies among the Khmer people should be taken seriously by the governing body to avoid further health deterioration. Campaigns regarding cardiovascular health should also be immediately rolled out in order to equip the public with useful knowledge of prevention and maintaining overall health.

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Hong Kong still prosecuting only very few food safety complaints

Hong Kong still prosecuting only very few food safety complaints

Fewer than 3% of complaints against Hong Kong food vendors have end in prosecution this year, at a time when reports of food-safety violations are increasing.