DPO International visits Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

harr chong at tarucMr. Harry Chong, DPO International's Group Chief Financial Officer explains to eager students the whole process of the ‘Farm to Fork’ and how logistics plays a vital role within the food industry

Committed to supporting educational initiatives, DPO International recently visited Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) on the 25th of July 2017 to speak about ‘The Food Industry - Challenges & triumphs on running a successful international business’. 

Mr. Harry Chong, DPO International’s Group Chief Financial Officer spoke to students from Supply Chain Management and Business Admin courses on the multiple real-life challenges and scenarios that involve businesses within the food industry.

He highlighted that running a successful international business does not simply involve selling your products in a new country but also adhering to complex food regulatory laws that involves packaging, transportation, storage and even handling.

After the talk, Mr. Harry Chong along with key panellists from DPO International took questions from eager students. DPO’s key panellists included Ms. Shobana Devi - Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager, Mr. Kuan Kit – Country Manager, Consumer Foods Division, Ms. Cheng Yee – Supply Chain Management Regional Manager and Ms. Filivi – Team Lead, e-Commerce Division.

TARUC students were exceptionally vocal, and asked a lot of questions regarding how DPO does deliveries within Asia, how proper storage conditions are ensured and such. Here’s to many more educational collaborations to the years to come.

Ms. Filivi explains to students the challenges of e-Commerce especially when dealing with food and why certain items such as frozen & fresh food are unable to be delivered to rural areas

Mr. Kuan Kit explains to students regarding the complexities of food retailing. He clarified on how some outlets like 711 that has hundreds of stores throughout Malaysia get their stock picks and how they choose foods that are displayed in their stores

Ms. Cheng Yee explains to students how the que and scheduling system works for selected supermarkets. Normally fresh items are always the ones delivered first while dry items are the last in queue.

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